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For beginners or advanced , through regular or advanced program.
 Learning to play piano, mastering and perfecting the technique of playing with professional help will easily get you desired results .

Little piano school!
 Motivate your child from the very beginning and let him start a musical education with smile.  Through fun and games the child can learn how to get the most out of musical education : a love for music .

A very popular learning method in music education which is popular in more developed countries.
It's often used by people who are on the road , living abroad or in areas where there are no music schools.



For children and adults

​NDIVIDUAL "ON LINE" LESSONS RECOMMENDED Piano or keyboard lessons are suitable for students who are traveling or living outside of the availability of music schools, and want high-quality piano lessons or simply do not have enough free time to go to music school. ONLINE INSTRUCTION is intended for children from the age of 10 onwards, as it is believed that younger children can not be focused on work with the professor who is not physically near them. In that case, it is not recommended as a primary or sole instruction, only in exceptional circumstances (occasional lessons in preparation for competition or compensation due to illness, etc.). LESSONS PROVIDE 60 minute-lesson that represents individual work with the student which can (after teacher's assessment) include teaching of music theory (solfeggio) needed for the material in the practical part of the lesson - playing the instrument (piano or keyboard).

„A“ PROGRAM is designed for advanced students who need improvement in performance or simply want to achieve better results. There is a possibility of attending the exam verified by the program of classical music schools in the Republic of Croatia. "A" program is definitely for students who want serious professional music career.

„B“ PROGRAM The program of free character, formed as an additional activity. It is intended, therefore, for all music lovers who want high-quality teaching, but do not want to build professional music career. In addition to music they have other interests therefore terms are more flexible (lessons last 45 minutes). The program is adjustable, which means that students themselves choose from the proposed curriculum what they want to play and how much they want to practice and thus create their own pace of progress.


After selecting a program, the terms and time for instruction are agreed upon, then the teacher contacts the student and introduces him/her with the work. The program is then selected, i.e. the compositions to be performed, and the curriculum for each student is then designed. After that, individual lessons can begin or continuous education at regular terms. It is necessary to have an instrument and a computer with a camera, or a smartphone with the app installed for video chat (Skype, Viber, facebook messenger, etc.).

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Our mission
  1. Međunarodni seminari pijanista
    Međunarodni seminari pijanista
    Suradnja s udrugom Art alive
  2. Most famouse manufacturers
    Most famouse manufacturers
    Production of instrument:
    Steinway & Sons, Bösendorfer, Förster, Petrof, Grotrian-Steinweg, Kawai, Yamaha..
  3. Business cooperation:
    Business cooperation:
    Association "Art alive" Association "Prijatelji glazbe" Representation of Yamaha music instruments "Euro-Unit " d.o.o.
  4. Građa klavira:
    Građa klavira:
    The piano is an instrument with keys that produces tons shock shank of the wire. It consists of 88 keys (36 black and 52 white), 220 wire, 3 pedals It was built of spruce and cast steel.
  5. Public appearances and concerts
    Public appearances and concerts
    In the announcement...
  6. Maintenance the piano
    Maintenance the piano
    If you have a piano or piano, but it has an annual tune. We give recommendations of reliable tuner for all parts of the Croatian.

Promotion of musical culture in the world of young people.
Help with music education and promotion ..